Making a Professional Negligence Claim

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Professionals are expected to have a certain level of expertise when advising their client. The client should demand to receive a high standard of treatment. When things don't always work out this way people become afraid to question the methods of the professional and negligence can often go unpunished.

Consulting a professional negligence lawyer may not be a route that would cross your mind to follow. Normally people are convinced that these professionals have their own rules and regulations and that no recourse if available to them using the law.

This is where you are wrong. Any practicing professional can face a professional negligence claim - it could even be a negligence claim against a lawyer (solicitor or barrister) - or a claim brought against medical professionals, accountants, surveyors or valuers - provided the case can be proved.

So, if you are unhappy with the service that has been provided and suffered a loss as a consequence then you need the support of a specialist negligence lawyer.

Whether you are bringing a claim, or defending against one, a specialist professional negligence solicitor is a must, they will help find you acheive a successful outcome. This may involve some type of negotiation or more formally mediation, so that both sides can reach an agreement out of court.

Taking someone to court for professional negligence is not a simple matter. It may require in depth study, investigative skill, detailed forensic evidence and analysis.

An experience professional negligence solicitor will know how to effectively collate this information and present it before a Judge in order to secure success. His or her evidence may provide the crucial turning point in your professional negligence claim resulting in success.

After looking at your claim a solicitor should be able to advise you on whether or not it is worth persuing and what (if any) compensation is due to you.

However, it is good to be aware from the outset that, in attempting to sue an accountant or financial advisor, you will need to overcome many professional regulations by which they are governed.

If your case is strong enough and you are advised by your professional negligence solicitor that it is worth your while proceeding he will need to call in independent experts to examine the details of your case. So, it makes sense to consult a fully qualified specialist lawyer to support you. This is positively not an area of the law where a do it yourself approach can be taken.

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Making a Professional Negligence Claim

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This article was published on 2010/12/30