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It is of course very easy for things to go wrong where human error is such an important contributory factor, especially when you consider the immense pressure that doctors are under. However, there are times when negative outcomes are not simply the result of inevitable human error, but instead are due to negligent behaviour.

Medical negligence claims can be made when a doctor or medical professional:

- Fails to diagnose or gives a delayed diagnosis
- Fails to warn of the risks of a procedure or treatment
- Delays referral to a specialist
- Makes an error with medication
- Performs surgical errors

Levels of compensation from medical negligence claims can vary greatly, depending on the severity of the injury or illness caused as well as the number of financial dependents you have. Additionally, if you are claiming loss of earnings due to incapacity caused by medical negligence, your compensation value will depend on how much you earn. These claims can be complex and therefore are generally quite lengthy; the process of proving negligence as well as proving that the injury was a direct result of said negligence can take a long time to complete.

When we go into hospital, we expect to be given the best possible care. People are often at their most vulnerable when they go into hospital to have an operation. To the patient and their loved ones, going into hospital is a distressing and emotional time because of this. Doctors do an amazing job and have peoples lives in their hands everyday, but they are human too and could make a mistake.

An injury that a patient sustains while in hospital as a result of a mistake is a clear example of medical negligence. We all know that no one is perfect, including doctors and surgeons, and the effects of having a medical mistake happen to you are often much worse than any other mistake that could happen. People who experience such issues while at the hospital or doctor's surgery would be able to make medical negligence claims to seek the compensation they deserve for the injury that they have sustained.

Depending on how bad the injury is, the fee paid as part of the compensation claim can vary greatly. The smallest slip of the hand when operating on a patient could result in some extremely painful injuries and the most extreme discomfort to the patient. While doctors are the heroes of our society and save millions of people every year, they too will be able to accept responsibility for any mistakes that they make, especially if the person affected and the people they love suffer for a long time afterwards.
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Medical Accidents - Clinical Negligence Claims

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    jstbook 6435- 2010/10/14 11:42:41 am

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    jstbook 6435- 2010/10/14 11:41:55 am

    Negligence should not be confused with abuse. Nursing home negligence has more to do with a discharge of duties than a deliberate act of unkindness, but with an aging population, it is something that infants of nursing home residents need to be aware happens. we are making increasingly use of nursing homes around the country, and this is an area of health care which will grow quickly in the near future as lots of of the “Baby Boomer” generation make the transition from middle age to elderly age.

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